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Divine Counseling is a holistic trauma informed practice. We specialize in removing trauma from the mind and body.
About Us

You may be here because: 

  • You or a loved one may be struggling to manage emotionally. 

  • You are feeling lost or disconnected. 

  • You are tired of operating at a low vibration.

  • You are struggling with depression, anxiety, psychosis, self-harm, mood liability, or self-esteem.

  • You are having issues with attention, relationships, communication, or anger/aggression.

  • You have tried to solve the problems in your life on your own and realized you need guidance and therapy.  


Ms. Baltimore started Divine Counseling LLC to help individuals, especially BIPOC, who have struggled with mental health disorders like depression, trauma, and anxiety, to name a few, navigate the world and live a high quality life despite their struggles. Along the way, Ms. Baltimore has teamed up with over 20 passionate therapists/ counselors who come from a vast variety of backgrounds and experiences to create a safe environment of healing. We are a holistic Outpatient Mental Health Center & Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. We specialize in moving trauma from the mind and body and equipping individuals with the skills and resources necessary to live a more meaningful life.

We believe that all individuals are capable of Divinity: 

Reaching your highest self. 

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We strive for individuals to feel whole. Our mission is to help individuals reach their highest self, by providing quality services that are tailored to each individual’s unique strengths, abilities, preferences, and needs. We welcome you to participate in our individual, family, and group in-person or tele-health services so we can help you with Reaching Your Highest Self.  

Individual, Couples & Family Counseling 

We offer services for individuals, couples, and families looking to start behavioral health & conflict resolution programs.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation 
Program (PRP)

PRP focuses on the whole person by helping individuals put necessary 

life skills into action.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an active art-making, creative process, applied
psychological theory
, joined human experience within a psychotherapeutic environment. 

Counseling for anxiety, trauma & depression

We serve those who have experienced trauma have anxiety & depression. We provide the necessary tools for individuals to overcome such challenges to live a well rounded life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dialectical Behavioral Therapy  

We provide solution-based behavioral treatment that helps people combat depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and more.


Years of Joint Experience 




Satisfied Clients


Proud Divine Teammates

Divine Counseling

Our mission is to help individuals reach their highest self, by providing quality services that are tailored to each individual’s unique strengths, abilities, preferences, and needs.

Our values are:


D-Dedication, I-Improvement, V-Vulnerability, I-Integrity, N-Neighborly, E-Example







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1:1 Therapy

Dedicated care to help you reach your highest self. 

Telehealth Services

Virtual Services that keep you connected with your therapist from anywhere in the world. 

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 Invite us to your next community event.

We are always excited for opportunities to serve the community. 

Success Stories

Client Testimonials

Meditating on the Beach

I am so grateful that I found Divine Counseling.
The environment is very welcoming.  
The staff are passionate and dedicated to providing quality support and healing.

- T.L 

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Operating Office Hours

Monday – Friday  7AM – 8PM

90 Painters Mill Road

Owings Mill Maryland.

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